Monday, February 1, 2010

The Dream Giver

I'm not very big on luck, I believe we all make our own luck through hard work and making the right decisions. I believe making the right decisions has a lot to do with paying attention to pertinent signs in our everyday life. Before I turned 21, I decided to be baptized. I had numerous other opportunities in my life for this to happen, but I had always wanted to wait until it felt right. In January of felt right. My aunt Gina stopped by afterward and gave me a few religious inspiration books Secrets of the Vine and The Prayer of Jabez both by Bruce Wilkinson. I read these books on the plane on my first trip outside of the country less than a month later and I swear to you from that moment on my life was never the same. Bruce has a way of making you feel as though the world is your oyster and I knew I would need to read everything he had or would ever write.

This lead me to The Dream Giver. This book is about a man named Ordinary who lived in the Land of Familiar. One night, the Dream Giver stops by and gives Ordinary a Big Dream. Ordinary feels very special and decides to pack his bag, leave his Usual Job, and go on a voyage to conquer his Big Dream. On the way he runs into Border Bullies (friends and relatives who tell him to turn back because it's too dangerous), many obstacles, and ultimately, the scariest part of all, he has to leave his comfort zone at the Wall of Fear. In the end, Ordinary reaches the Land of Promise where all the Somebodies live and he realizes that everyone has a Big Dream but that most Ordinaries are too scared to go after it. I knew that I wanted to be a Somebody, even if that meant leaving behind everything I ever knew.

I have been on many journey's since reading The Dream Giver, but perhaps none as important as the one I'm about to embark on. Once again, I am leaving my Land of Familiar (NYC....once my Big Dream) to pursue my next Big Dream...starting my own business. The idea is to "recreate" or "reimagine" furniture and home accent pieces...essentially to take the ordinary and make them anything but...hence the name Anything But Ordinary. My plan is to take it slow and steady...

I hope you will follow me and wish me well on my journey!

Keeping The Dream alive,

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