Thursday, April 8, 2010

ABO Designs Brand New Mascot

We adopted her Wednesday.  She was found wandering the streets almost a month ago and had been shuffled through multiple animal shelters in town.  The story behind how she came to be ours is almost unbelievable.  We had been looking for the right dog for about 2 weeks.  We started by going to the public animal shelter.  We saw 5 rooms full of hundreds of dogs.  It took us at least an hour, but we were able to narrow it down to 4.  We met with each one individually, and for one reason or another decided each one we saw was not the right one, until we saw the last dog on our list.  We really liked the last one, Aisa, she was so sweet and timid, but our one reservation was that she would not be active enough (chase balls, go running with, etc.).  We decided to keep the dog in mind, but to continue to look a little longer.  

We searched online listings,, and emailed about various dogs we were interested in, but nothing was working out.  Wednesday, we decided to stop by the SPCA to see their dog selection.  It's privately funded and a much different environment than the public shelter.  There was only one room with maybe 50 dogs.  After taking a look around, we narrowed it down to two.  When we went back to view the two dogs again, the first dog we had liked started barking hysterically...and that just won't work in our row home.  So we went back to the second dog, Asia, and we were able to take her outside.  She came to us immediately and was so well-behaved.  We thought we may have found the right dog, but wanted more information on her.  We sat down with an adoption counselor, who pulled her file.  We were told she had been transferred a week prior from the public animal shelter we had been to.  When looking at her file, we were shocked!  They had her name listed as Aisa!  It was the dog we had originally chosen out of hundreds from the first shelter!  

After seeing so many dogs, we had forgotten what she looked like, but it seemed we couldn't help but be drawn to her sweet personality.  We were able to take her home that day and we feel like it's fate.  It has been decided that she is a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Boxer.  Sadly, she has yet to be named, considering the names she had in the animal shelters were not consistent and she doesn't answer to them anyway.  Any ideas for an awesome name for such a special girl?  

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