Friday, April 2, 2010

Etsy Shop of the Week: B. Elegant Home and Pet

 The boyfriend and  are soon adding a third to our party of two.  We've been waiting for the perfect time to start a little family, and we're feeling prepared to take on a bundle of joy of our own.  Of course, this bundle will come in the form of a furry friend.  We're hoping to adopt a dog within weeks, assuming we find one.  All of the doggie talk has me wondering what kinds of changes will need to happen in our life in order for us to properly accept the little guy into our home.  Naturally, my thoughts lend themselves to decor...  Will the dog chew up anything?   Will he drag mud all into the house?  Where will he sleep?   

Thanks to the designs of B. Elegant Home and Pet, I am pretty sure our little doggie friend will have the most comfortable stylish bed on the market.   FYI...the boyfriend thinks I'm crazy, but these beds are beautiful enough for a person.  Lucky us, you can custom order AND she makes headboards.

Yep, these are doggie beds!

And headboards for us human folks!

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