Monday, August 23, 2010

New Duvet Cover and Voila! Master Bedroom Makeover

A few weeks ago I made a list of all the goodies I needed from the Ikea 2011 catalog.  Well, I made the trip to Ikea, but I didn't see half of the things on my list.  None-the-less, I did find a gorgeous white duvet cover and white ruched bed throw (a la Anthropologie).  Now, it feels like we're sleeping in a big comfy hotel bed every night, and even though it's a slight bit girly, the BF can't resist the look of comfort!

So we still need a few throw pillows (which the BF hates, so I'm trying to wait as long as possible) and perhaps some more inventive artwork behind the bed other than Daniel O'Connell III's World Travels (not that I would ever tell him that).

Prior to the new cover, we had a mis-matched set due to a ruined previous white cover coupled with the fact I had not yet moved in or purchased anything for the room.

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