Thursday, September 23, 2010

Front window Halloween Decor

This was another project, but very simple.  I collected an assortment of (discounted) craft pumpkins from Michaels (two large w/ black glitter, two large with orange glitter, and three small white).  I used a sharpie to write BOO on the white pumpkins like so:

And then I arranged them all in the window (we only have one front window as we live in a row home in Baltimore, but the good news is we get a lot of foot traffic in front of the house admiring the display) with some orange lights I had leftover from last year.

We also have the front door and entryway decorated with some sticky window decals of blood drips and splatters and a sign that lights up and says BEWARE, but my camera (also known as my blackberry...I know, I know, it's sad) is not the greatest.

Last Year:
 Blood drips and splatters, orange lights, and spider webbing with spiders in it.  That was the best I could do last year as I didn't live in this house and came up to do all of the decorating and cooking the night before our annual Halloween party.

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  1. i need to do more decorating to the front of my house. i love the blood dripping in the window!

    you have made a good argument for feet on the dashboard, so it does irk me slightly less knowing your reasons, lol. i like that you said "my kind" that was funny! thanks for your comment and for reading about me.