Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween Banners

I love Halloween, so you'll probably see a lot of Halloween things from me over the next month and a half.  I already started decorating this past weekend, and I even finished my first Halloween craft.  

I started with the idea to make a Halloween banner, and went to Michael's to pick up a few necessities: assorted paper, glue stick, suede string, and a few Halloween-themed add-ons (spiders, bats, and skull).

I cut the paper into pennant-sized pieces, and cut coordinating paper into rectangles for making the letters, which I free-handed because stencils are way expensive.
(Addi Roo was not much help!)

I wanted to use the skull as a spacer between my words, but it was originally brown so I painted it with some purple glitter paint.

Lastly, I attached the suede string and bats and spiders with a glue gun and had the BF hang it.

The end result: "Happy Haunting" banner that spans the living room.

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