Friday, October 1, 2010

A few last minute things to wrap up the week is having a deal today that you can buy any $25 gift certificate for just $1!  There's no catch.  Just type in promo code "WOW" at checkout.  I just bought 4 $25 gift certificates and my grand total was $4.50.  That's the second time I've bought from them, and I love it.  They have a ton of restaurants on the site.  There were over 100 just in a 5 mile radius of my house.

In other news...
Addi Roo has been very sad the past few days.  It's been raining so she hasn't been able to go to the dog park to play with her friends.  Lucky her though, I was going through boxes (for the yard sale...see below) and I found this mechanical cat that my mom bought for me when I was living in New York and missing not having a pet.  This cat meows and purs and blinks and moves all based on motion sensor.  So when I placed this cat on the ground, Addi had a fit.  She barked and rand around it and looked at me as to say "What gives with this cat?"  She especially did not like it when I would pick it up and pet it.  She would then whine and howl and try to bite at it's tail dangling. 
But after a while, she gave in.  Really she had no choice; it was her only playmate option.  She still doesn't love the cat, but...
She's learning to live with it. :)

Don't forget:  Big Yard Sale at my house this Saturday morning.  Email me if you'd like to come and I'll give you the address!


  1. Those are the funniest pictures of Addi Roo and her new fur friend. Wish I could see the video.

  2. I might try that with our dog. I have a mechanical pig somewhere.