Monday, March 7, 2011

Sofa King Awesome!

New Sofa Being Delivered Today!!
 Jonathan Adler Lampert Sofa
...A girl can only dream.

The day has finally arrived.  After a year of living with the most despised couch in Baltimore, I am being relieved of my hatred with a most divine replacement.  I spent a month with my nose to the grindstone searching every store in a 50 mile radius and every furniture website looking for exactly what I wanted for exactly the price I'd pay.  Then it occurred to me, with President's Day Weekend in February, I'd make the plunge and purchase something then so that I'd get the fab discounts.  The Thursday before President's Day I scouted all the online sales and made lists of the best deals and my favorite choices, but having bought not-so-comfy seating online previously, I decided that a trip to DC was needed to sit my tush upon the likes of Z.Gallerie's and West Elm's options.

Hours and hours.  That's how long I toiled over 3 particular sofas.  Going back and forth from Z.Gallerie to Macys (West Elm got knocked out early), calculating and re-calculating prices, discussing every possible way I'd regret my decision with the ever-patient BF, calling my mom hours away to walk me through making a decision...  And finally, when it was all said and done, I left DC after 8 long hours with a beautiful and crazily discounted sofa rug.
...that's right, I said it. Not a sofa, but a rug.

This 5 x 8 West Elm Jaguar Rug to be exact that somehow we stole for $60!  (I'm not asking questions.)
But... finally Sunday night of Presidents Day Weekend at approximately 11:55pm, I took the plunge and purchased this sofa online.

To understand how I came to this decision, you have to know what I was looking for and why...

1.) In a heavily trafficked area and with our need to throw large parties often, a dark color was most practical, but...the most annoying part of our couch now is that all of Addi Roo's tiny white hairs are drawn to it and a dark sofa would always look covered in hair. (My dream sofa would be a light grey so that Addi's hair doesn't stand out but it's dark enough to cover any spills.)

2.) I wanted tufting.  Lots of tufting, but it turns out lots of tufting is expensive so I was fine with at least SOME tufting.  However, I preferred for tufting to NOT be on the seat, because Addi's hair would get stuck in all of the crevices, and I preferred the seat to be one long continuous cushion for the same reason.  (By the way, Addi Roo is NOT allowed on the furniture, but none-the-less her hair is everywhere and it drives me CRAZY!)

3.) I preferred NOT to have microfiber and really wanted velvet (which this sofa says it's velvet, but I'm convinced 99% of the sofa's in our price range are microfiber so we'll see what this one is when it gets here.)

4.) I preferred legs over a skirt.

5.) Price Range = or < $1200 (including shipping).  This was mainly because I knew it was possible during the Holiday Sale.

I did compromise my wants slightly. There's not as much tufting as I'd like and the color is darker than hoped for, but I did get a grey velvet tufted sofa with legs in my price range.  In fact, the deciding factor was price.  The damage was an incredible $560, a fraction of our budget and $400 cheaper than our other options.  At that price, we have lots left over for new tables, chairs and lamps...especially considering we got the rug for a steal as well.


  1. Wow love the sofa you chose and what an amazing price! And I completely agree that tufting on anything makes it 10 times as pretty!

  2. Awesome! I fretted over picking out a sofa too. I ended up finding what I wanted at a Macys! Never thought I would end up with a sofa from there.