Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NYC Room Makeover

Over Easter weekend, I was able to go back to NYC to visit a friend.  After living in her apt. for a year, she has still yet to buy any furniture for her bedroom.  It's a long narrow room with the door and closet at one end and a large window with a furnace in front of it at the other.   She'd like to turn it into more of a studio but she had no idea where to start.  The only thing she has is a tall dresser that needs to be refinished or painted.  She doesn't want to go to the trouble of painting the walls since she's renting and the floors are hardwood.

Her likes: White linens, clean lines, muted tones.

Her dislikes: patterns, a lot of color, themes.

Her wants: A chair, abstract piece of art above her bed, bedside tables, flat screen tv.

After taking in all the considerations, this is the idea I have for her room...
The main focus of the room is the art above the bed.  This piece can be purchased from  To bring in a bit of the blue, I chose blue glass lamps with grey drum shades.  Blue glass lamps can be found on Ebay and Etsy.  I liked the idea of round mismatched side tables in white or metallics.  On the bed, I threw in a few chocolate brown silk pillows and a silk ivory throw pillow.  The chair is from Urban Outfitters and is a blue/grey tweed.  On the wall is a metallic magazine rack from Ikea.  I added a floor lamp from Adesso and a tan storage ottoman from Target.

On the adjacent wall...
 I would stain or paint the dresser a dark brown and put the flat screen on top.  I would add a metallic trash bin and a large potted plant.  For the wall, I would add a mirror with some character with a few white floating shelves and some picture frames, candles, and jars and trays for personal items.

Voila!  A beautiful personal space to come home to everyday!

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