Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rethinking...Eagle Convex Mirror

This is posted on the Baltimore Craigslist for $50.  I'm considering buying it.
Here are some of the ways these federalist convex mirrors have been used...
Image courtesy of Elle Decor
 Image courtesy of theregencyfurniture.com design by Markham Roberts
Image courtesy of theregencyfurniture.com design by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
Image courtesy of theregencyfurniture.com design by Tom Hayes
Image courtesy of I Suwanee
Image courtesy of Oprah Home

Still think I'm crazy?
Check out this project board and tips on decorating a la Federalist by Principal Interior Designer for J Steinberg Design, Janelle Steinberg.

Fresh Federalist by Janelle Steinberg

My basic guidelines for executing contemporary American Federalist Style:
-Correct use of period colors, with a few liberties

-Updated furniture with classic lines and proportion. For a truly fresh and contemporary take, few antique furnishings should be used (rather than all the furnishings being antiques- which puts the room on track for being a "period room"). However, antique accessories are absolutely called for.

-Use of hallmark Federalist style motifs, such as the eagle and dentil mouldings.

-A general use of symmetry in layout and room arrangements, with playful asymmetric elements in the details such as accessories and art arrangement.

-Heavy concentration on the interior architecture: custom built-ins and appropriate mouldings are key.

-Brass or gold metals for hardware, lamps, etc.

-In general, darker wood stains and dark paint colors when one desires an alternative to wood grain.

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