Monday, April 5, 2010

NYC Update: Furnish Green

This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing friends and their little ones.  I started in NJ, then went to NYC, and ended in CT.  It was beautiful everywhere and really an all together enjoyable time.  While in NYC, I had the opportunity to visit Furnish Green.  See the original post from March 26, 2010 here.  The spot is very tiny, but it seems as though everything they have is listed on their website and each piece is as described if not better.  It also seems that they post new items quickly after attaining them.  I would have bought at least a few things if I had a way to drive them back down to Baltimore.  Here are the new items I'm crushing on...
Vintage Mod 60's Wall Clock 
$149 (25"x25")
Vintage Mahogany Bow Front Dresser
w-46. d-21. h-35
item D42y6

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  1. We have this chest and I think two other pieces in the same collection at the Roberts residence. At least I think so...its the same detailing on the side! MISS YOU