Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take Five Tuesday: Punch Brothers

Because I'm from Kentucky and Bluegrass is in my Blood...

I'd like to introduce the Punch Brother's and their unique sound from the Tennessee area.  They just released their second album titled "Antifogmatic" from None Such Records.  I'm a fan of many of their songs, especially those with the more typical Bluegrass sound, such as "Rye Whiskey," but I can't help to fall in love with the heart-felt melody of "This is the Song."  See the video below...(I love that they've taken Bluegrass all the way to The Living Room in NYC...that's especially nice to see). 

For a few more incredible performances by the Punch Brothers, check out their version of "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" originally by The White Stripes or their take on classical Bach.

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  1. i just saw a blue grass band out in colorado @ red rocks - yonder mountain string band :)

    so glad we chatted last night about what you do - love it!!

    ~Trivia Sue